Our History

Disability in Sierra Leone: The World Health Organisation estimates that approximately 10% of the population of Sierra Leone is disabled. Disabled people are often stigmatised by society and forced to be ashamed of their condition - this leads to severely limited access to education and economic opportunities so it should not be surprising that a huge amount of disabled people live in abject poverty. 

But people can make a difference! Take the story of Dr Abs Dumbuya, the Founder of DST... disabled from early childhood in Sierra Leone his prospects were somewhat bleak but life changed for him after receiving anonymous funding from the UK in 1993. This generosity gave Dr. Dumbuya the opportunity obtain a string of academic achievements, leave behind any stigma attached to his disability and become independent through gainful employment. 

How DST began: In 2003, after her death, Dr. Dumbuya learnt that his anonymous sponsor had been a British lady by the name of Dorothy Springer. Overwhelmed by her kindness Dr. Dumbuya was inspired to set up the Trust in her memory as a way of helping the most disadvantaged in Sierra Leone. 



The blue mark shows Sierra Leone in relation to the global map

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