Changing the lives of people with disabilities in Sierra Leone by preparing them for skilled employment through the provision of training in Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)

The Dorothy Springer Trust (DST) transforms the lives of people with disabilities in Sierra Leone. We provide training in Information Communication and Technology (ICT), and support our graduates in developing the skills and knowledge they need to enter the workplace.

Since registering with the UK Charity Commission in 2007 (No. 1120537), we have developed a model that works. We have trained 80 students, of which around 60 are in some form of employment, have established their own business or have accessed higher education. This success rate of 75% is impressive, in a country where only 30% of people with disabilities have an income. Our graduates are confident that they can get a job and rely on their own ability, rather than on the donations of others. They also act as role models for other disabled people.

DST is also well recognised within Sierra Leone as a strong advocate for the rights of people with disabilities, working with the government, partner organisations and the media to ensure the voice of people with disabilities is heard.

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