Saffiatu Kamara

My name is Saffiatu Kamara. When I was eight years old, I was born hard of hearing; I attended the Saint Joseph Primary School Freetown. I transferred to the Methodist Girls High School Freetown. I took my B.E.C.E. exam, and i transferred to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Secondary School Freetown. I took my my (WASSCE) exam in 2009 and 2010. After i looked for Scholarship to support me to attend the Milton Margai Collage, but was unsuccessful. I thank GOD for the One Family organization which to lead me to the (DST) to support my scholarship to Learn about this computer course.

I thank GOD for this scholarship, it makes me happy and comfortable to learn about the computer system and also they have patient to teach me and help me understand. Maybe in the future if I finish the computer course, I will be a leader for the deaf or I get a job. I bless DST to continue to teach and encourage many more disabled women.

Photo of Saffiatu