About Us

Changing the lives of people with disabilities in Sierra Leone by preparing them for skilled employment through the provision of training in Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)

The Dorothy Springer Trust (DST) was established by Dr Abs Dumbuya in 2007. Although he grew up disabled in Sierra Leone, an anonymous sponsor gave Abs the opportunity to travel to the UK for his education. Upon discovering this sponsor was Mrs Dorothy Springer, Abs was inspired to set up the Trust in her memory as a way of helping the most disadvantaged in Sierra Leone.

DST trains people with disabilities in four levels of Information Communication and Technology (ICT), ranging from digital numeracy and literacy for students who cannot read and write, through to advanced ICT with industry recognised certification. Understanding the challenges and discrimination people with disabilities face in Sierra Leone, we also support our students during their training, through the provision of living expenses for the duration of the course. Since the end-goal is ensuring financial self-sufficiency through employment, we help our graduates to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to enter the workplace. We have developed excellent relationships with a range of employers, including the British High Commission and various Sierra Leonean government departments. As a result our Employment Bureau has succeeded in ensuring 75% of our graduates are in some form of employment, have established their own business or have accessed higher education. This success rate of 75% is impressive, in a country where only 30% of people with disabilities have an income.

DST also uses its position as an expert in the field of disability and ICT training to campaign to advance the rights of persons with disabilities. Abs has worked with government institutions nationally and internationally, and is frequently on Sierra Leone national television, national and international radio programs and in print newspapers, advocating for disabled people.

The Dorothy Springer Trust (DST) is registered with the UK Charity Commission (No. 1120537). Abs is our Chief Executive Officer, based in Sierra Leone, and we have a team of Trustees in the UK which oversee the governance of the charitable Trust. We also Local Liaison Committee in Sierra Leone made up of respected individuals who support us in overseeing DST activities on the ground.

Our operation is enabling disabled people to find regular employment and advance their integration and equality in Sierra Leonean society — today and in the future.

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