Leonard Cheshire Disability West Africa Regional Office (LCD-WARO)

LCD-WARO is a branch of Leonard Cheshire Disability UK, registered in Sierra Leone with the Ministry of Development and Economic Planning, INGO/058. It supports Cheshire Services in the region, focusing on the promotion of inclusive models in education, livelihoods, health and rehabilitation, support for everyday living, campaigns and advocacy for the rights of persons with disabilities. DST and  LCD-WARO have recently agreed through a Memorandum of Understanding, to work develop and run a programme to provide education, training and facilitate the process of getting disabled people employed in Sierra Leone.



INitiative for Changing Lives for Ultimate Disability Empowerment (INCLUDE) is a local NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) registered  with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (NNGO/085) and the Ministry Of Social Welfare Gender and Children's Affairs (NNGO/012) of Sierra Leone. It promotes and supports programmes aimed at raising the status and welfare of people with disabilities and disadvantaged people throughout the country. It is run by Mrs Melrose Cotay, a former Head of the Freetown Cheshire Home. DST is planning to work with INCLUDE to develop and run a programme to provide education, training and work in ICT for disabled people in Sierra Leone. This project will contribute to the development of Sierra Leone information and knowledge economy through ICT business activities with partners.


Charity Technology Exchange (CTX)

The Charity Technology Exchange (CTX) is a Programme which offers donated technology products from Partners such as Microsoft, Symantec and Cisco to eligible UK Registered Charities and Charitable Housing Associations. The products include operating system software and server software, security software and hardware products such as switches, routers, wireless equipment and firewalls. As a registered member of the Programme, DST is eligible to receive these products from CTX Partners at a significantly reduced rate, typically, 92-96% of retail prices for use only by DST. In addition, DST has access to a wide array of educational resources through the CTX Programme which helps with choosing, implementing, and using the available technology.


Churches, Universities and Other Organisations

DST is supported by members from Churches such as Easthampstead Baptist ChurchLoughborough Baptist Church and Fuller Baptist Church, Kettering.  Universities have also supported us. For example Loughborough University was a donor of some of the computers, shipped in 2007/08 and DST is also talking to groups such as the Information Communication and Technology for Development (ICT4D) at Royal Holloway, London University to develop and run ICT based programmes. 


Freetown Cheshire Home

The Freetown Cheshire Home (FCH) is one of 250 Leonard Cheshire Services (founded by Group Captain Lord Cheshire of Woodhall) in 55 countries around the world. The Freetown Cheshire Home provides residential care and educational services to physically disabled people. It has about 80 children with half of those children actually residing in the purpose built compound.

The home is run by Headteacher Mrs. Henrietta Sesay and her deputy, Mr. Foday. The Home has a Sierra Leone Committee headed by Rev Renner and deputy, Bishp Yemeh Sesay. This picture [to follow] shows (from right to left), Bishp Sesay, Mrs. Sesay and Mr. Foday.


Educational Centre for the Blind and Visually Impaired Centre (ECBVI)

The ECBVI is founded and run by a dynamic blind leader, Thomas Alieu. The Centre caters for the education and vocational training of blind and visually impaired persons with disability. ECBVI works in partnership the DST through the sharing of knowledge, advocating and support for people with disabilities in Sierra Leone.


Westcliff High School for Girls

Westcliff High School for Girls is a grammar school in Essex, UK. An outstanding school with a national reputation for excellence Westcliff High School for Girls aims to produce citizens who are thinkers and leaders, imbued with initiative, enterprise and a quest for life-long learning. Westcliff High School for Girls have partnered with us as their charity of the year for 2014-15 and aim to raise money to support an entire cohort of DST students through their training.