Mariatu Mansaray

My name is Mariatu T Mansaray. I was not born disabled but contracted my disability when I was 5yrs of age, with only one leg. Because of my disability my mother carried me to a Boarding Home, which is the SOS Home for the Physically Challenged, where I was brought up by the organization. At the SOS Hermann Gmeiner International School, I attended my primary School education and I sat my National Primary School Exam (N.P.S.E) and I also further my junior Secondary School at the same school, where I took my Basic Education Certificate Exam (B.E.C.E). After my B.E.C.E Exams, I got very good grades to enter the Senior Secondary School, this motivated my sponsors and made them very pleased to support me further my education.

As a result of having this opportunity, I hope to be an accountant which I hope to gain in the future. Having this faith in me, it would motivate me to continue my education and to become serious. Because, as a disabled woman I want to the best accountant general in society, so that people won't see me as a disabled person.

Furthermore, with the help of DST (Dorothy Springer Trust), I thank them for giving me the opportunity to gain knowledge in computers, which will make me very proud of myself in the end. I hope to make very good use of my skills.

Photo of Mariatu